Pioneers of Artificial Intelligence

Made of the world's leading computer scientists and engineers, Permion consistently sets the highest standard of effective artificial intelligence for our customers across multiple industries.

1980 - 2000

Arun conducts first neural network AI coding experiments; Barney Pell architects Deep Space One; WindyJoy Majumdar designs exquisite U.S. Naval systems

2000 - 2010

Barney Pell co-founder of Powerset, exit; assumes strategic role at Microsoft Bing; Arun founds Vivomind applying AIML to sensitive and exquisite USG requirements

2010 - 2020

Arun co-founds Kyndi - top 100 AI companies; Michael McNally becomes Director at Google; Director of Engineering at Facebook; Barney joins team

2020 +

Founder's stealth AI development wins USG award; McNally joins executive team, Permion formalized, MVPs developed

Founders and Executives

AI/ML Leader at Google (13 years), Facebook, Human Security CTO, cybersecurity, anti-fraud, protecting online communities from misinformation.

Over 25 years of experience in Enterprise Sales and Business Development securing large companies and protecting their corporate environment. Highly focus on the AI Security space around Endpoint Detection and Response(EDR), Cloud Identity and Prevention Security, and mobile security.


John F. Sowa previously spent 30 years on R & D projects at IBM, innovating and inventing technologies for explainable AI based on groundbreaking knowledge representation and reasoning work on Conceptual Graphs and on the ISO 24707 for Common Logic.

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Former Director of Brokerage Banking, Citibank, NA; US Army captain Ret., awarded Bronze Star / Oak Leaf Cluster by the Americal Infantry Division. He is a board member of the National Purple Heart Honor Mission, Arrupe Spiritual Digital Community, and founding trustee of Fordham’s George J. McMahon, SJ Endowed Scholarship.

Ph.D. Signal Processing & Machine Learning​; expert in Geometric Machine Learning​. He was co-founder and CTO of Upstride.io​; publications in signal processing & machine learning; EU Marie Curie Fellow.

An academic understanding of data and computer science that can address some of the most complex challenges. Twenty years of experience in software development with specializations in system programming and Information Assurance (IA).

Technical Team

25 years qualitative and quantitative research leadership. Analytics and actionable intelligence on transportation, technology horizon mapping, and supply chains. AI/NLP and pattern recognition applied to unstructured multi-lingual data.

Extensive work in logic programming and NLP, to tree-based arithmetic systems, bijective Goedel-numberings, theorem provers and type inference algorithms. Authored Prolog compilers and run-time systems; co-author of the TextRank algorithm.

Lead developer of Logtalk; 30+ years Logtalk/Prolog development experience; Ph.D. Computer Software Engineering; researcher at INESC Center for Advanced Computing Systems; logic programming from a software-engineering perspective.

Award-winning Chief Scientist, NASA’s Ames Research Center’s Information Technology Branch. 200+ publications and 19 patents and patents pending in aeronautics, neural engineering, and robotics.

Focused on ontology; logic programming, semantic-web technologies, and behavior representations. Produced public libraries in Logtalk and Prolog. Investigations in robotics.

Computer science expert in fuzzy logic and case-based reasoning, computer-aided software engineering, logic programming language compilers and IDEs, and a theorem prover for an original logic.

Decades of commercial software development experience; automated internet diagnostic tools; ontological development, modeling and querying, clinical trial protocol scheduling, low latency trading system.

An academic understanding of data and computer science that can address some of the most complex challenges. Twenty years of experience in software development with specializations in system programming and Information Assurance (IA).

Permion Government Team

30+ years DoD/IC technology innovation experience, Navy and DIA. Led DIA innovation investments in HUMINT, MASINT, Analysis, and IT. First Secretariat of the DIA Innovation Board.  

Extensive national security sales experience with proven track record of growth. Expertise in large-scale cyber systems supporting semantic analytics, heterogeneous processors, and high-speed switched fabrics.

20 years of experience, Cyber, threat assessments, intrusion detection, counter-intelligence, law enforcement investigations, endpoint security, network hardening, electronic warfare, information collection and international engagements

Systems engineering, technology development and integration of DoD Combat Systems. Principal System Engineer supporting the Office of Secretary of Defense (OSD) Research & Engineering as the lead contractor support for Mission Engineering and JADC2 Support. Retired Navy (SW) CAPT.