Facts over fiction.

Permion OSIRIS™ is a turn-key Generative AI providing truthful answers, based on logic and your data.

Permion OSIRIS

Trustworthy, generative AI trained on your data is possible with Permion OSIRIS™.

Based on the powerful reasoning engine inside our Analyst Suite, OSIRIS™ (Open Source Intelligence and Relationship Inference System) reasoning combines: symbolic deductive reasoning, mathematical inductive reasoning, and abductive reasoning. This three-part reasoning process ensures that your organization receives unbiased, fact-based insights derived from your data.

Permion OSIRIS™ Presentation

We build ontologies and domain representations automatically from your data and ensure that there are no hallucinations or confabulations. Every result is grounded in your data, explainable back to your data.

Hosted or on-prem, OSIRIS™ will allow you to exploit the entirety of your data, provide you reasoning graphs, and generate language-agnostic text results around the calibration of your queries, graphs, or reports.

Problem that OSIRIS™ solves

Today's generative artificial intelligence provides exciting possibilities that were only a dream for yesterday's public and private sectors. Now, implementing AI into an organization's operations seems inevitable. Unfortunately, with all the hype of generative AI, comes the illusion of cognitive reasoning.

Permion OSIRIS™ Solution

OSIRIS™ uses the full trifecta of reasoning strategies:

  • Deductive Reasoning: Permion's advanced logic engine excels in generating new insights from existing data and identifying contradictions within that data.
  • Inductive Reasoning: OSIRIS™ integrates with the Permion AI™ inductive reasoning tool to provide insight across a corpus.
  • Abductive Reasoning: Everything that OSIRIS learns is treated as a hypothesis, which can be refuted or affirmed by evidence with provenance.

Avoid the bias

  • Large AI systems making headlines today amaze the public with their ability to predict the next text-token. This prediction is trained on curated publicly available information with the implicit slant of the service provider. The inference is impressive, but usually guesses based on its own model. Good for opinions and creativity, inconceivable for fact-based industries.

    Permion OSIRIS™ removes the dilemma by providing generative artificial intelligence plus cognitive reasoning with your sources.

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