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Leidos and Permion Unveil Edge-to-Cloud Trustworthy AI Solutions

RESTON, Va. (August 7, 2023)

Leidos (NYSE: LDOS), a FORTUNE® 500 science and technology leader, has entered a strategic collaboration with Permion, an artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) platform company, to accelerate the use of AI in critical national security mission sets.

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Data-Oriented Computing

Generative AI you trust, found in Permion OSIRIS™, is the result of Permion's revolutionary Data-Oriented Computing (DOC) design foundation. This is where type and shape of data defines how computing is performed rather than manipulated to fit a pre-determined algorithm. Through the Permion Platform, this approach brings convergence in security, speed, performance, and power that are critical to the next generation of AI computing at the edge and at scale.





How our platform works


More accurate results, less required training data, integrity and explainable results, halve cloud-based processing and storage costs, faster data to decision cycles.


Banking, Pharmaceuticals, Defense and National Security, Business Operations, Financial


Unique graph signals processing and analytics directed to applications in threat detection, toxicity prediction, graph semantic visualization, communications.


Automated machine learning (AutoML) for graphs. Industrial-strength integration into declarative logic programing, scalable graph and matrix operations. Improves any existing system.


Permion Instruction Set Architecture is a DOC-based approach using X-Machines theory and data rather than algorithms: the type and shape of data defines how computing is performed rather than manipulated to fit a pre-determined algorithm.

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Improve Any Graph Neural Network’s Performance

11 April 2023 - Graph data have complex and irregular structures, making accuracy difficult to achieve and fueling competition to improve machine learning performance. Graph Neural Networks (GNNs) are currently state of the art but still have shortcomings.

Permion developed the Fully Differentiable Pipeline (FDP), applying the power of our unique graph signals.

Data in graph or network format is one of the most valuable and challenging machine learning (ML) applications in the world today. Applications include social network analysis, recommender systems, discovery of new materials and drugs, as well as emerging tasks in the fields of supply chain, and intelligence analysis. Wrapped around any preexisting GNN-based AI system, FDP reveals hidden relationships and structures in graph data and uses them to improve system performance. We have improved the accuracy of world leading GNNs and are ready to take graph ML to the next level of productivity and impact.

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Podcast: Spearheading the Next Era in Computing

Permion CEO Arun Majumdar joins the AI Proficiency: Turning Tomorrow into Today podcast to discuss the biggest changes he's witnessed throughout the steady evolution of AI and computer systems, and why he believes it's important to apply a data-oriented approach to the next era in emerging technology.

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